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Weight Gain and Weight Loss: Real Talk

This is the face of a girl who finally fit into the smallest pair of jeans in her closet.

And...That’s really saying something because let me tell you about the wide array of sizes I have. Need an outfit for a date night? I guarantee I have your size.

I’ve been working hard to get my body back to a place where it feels strong. I’ve been down and out so many times in the last few years because of surgeries, that I started to think I would never feel healthy and capable of all the physical challenges I’d like to accomplish again. (Please know a marathon or a triathlon will just never, ever be one of those things)

As the world has opened back up, people have begun to notice that the by-product of a strong healthy life, has changed my body.

Almost every question has been “What are you doing?”.

Physically I’ve not done a single thing that’s anything different than what every doctor or health care professional has said from the dawn of diet-culture’s inception. I didn’t buy any diet food, I didn’t hire a nutritionist, I didn’t do anything other than eat less and move more.

The real answer is that what I have been doing is mostly mental.

I have warred with myself and punished my body for so many years I started to think it was normal.

And over the years as I gained and then lost weight, every pound was always shed for an external reason.

An event, a trip, a horse show.

A prolonged punishment for a quick reward.

And then I watched as my mom’s body and my potential genetics waged war against her.

Just like my thick hair and blue eyes flecked with yellow, I can’t escape what my DNA holds. But, I can try to get ahead of all the ‘osteo’ and ‘arthritis’ talk that may be in my future by being as strong as I can for as long as I can. I have the advantage of knowledge and science that my mom and her mom didn’t.

So I started to eat and workout for a body that I love. And my physical results have been fantastic yes, but more importantly is that I’ve stumbled into a new way to live that doesn’t feel restrictive or end-dated. Which is a first, ever.

So while I am so thankful that people are noticing the work I put in, I can’t stress enough that I’m not “doing” anything special. There is no trick. I’ve tried all the tricks and here I sit having had to lose the weight I gained after losing it from the tricks.

And there’s no before and after pictures because I believe those don’t serve anyone but the person posting it. I will not inflict shame on anyone struggling right now because I found my way. The truth is I was happy and enjoying life just as much 4 months ago as I am now. The only difference is I don’t have 7-10 meltdowns getting dressed for a night out. I’m down to 2-3.

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