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Tonight I HATE. Tomorrow I know.

Friends, I know.

As soon as that emergency alert came blasting across my phone my initial instinct was to throw it at the wall, scream, and HATE.

HATE everyone that got us into this mess.

HATE the idea that my kids might have to miss out on any more of their lives, and more of the hugs and laughter that fill our house as our friends and family stop by.

HATE that this groundhog day has no Bill Murray in it all. No comic relief, just false hope and then diminished plans.

HATE feels like it's coming easy.

But, I also KNOW too.

Tonight, I know we are all over it.

I know we all think what we are doing is right.

I know that we all think that we have mitigated our own risks and made the right decisions for our families.

Friends, in the last 48 hours we've watched what I truly think are most likely usually sane, rational people take such hateful sides of a battle that NO ONE IS WINNING.

That no one can win.

Except, hate.

We hate the leadership, we hate the friendships that have been lost, we hate the completely healthy people angry enough to hold hate-injected signs outside hospitals as those with appointments to have their chemo administered drive by.

I don't know a lot, but I do know that hate can't win what's happening here, but it sure can destroy what's left of our communities.

I don't know the answer, but I do know that tomorrow morning the sun will rise, and together we will have to tackle the very real obstacles that face our province and our communities.

I know that people are hurting, and it feels good sometimes to stomp our feet and post nasty comments, ruin friendships and life as we know it, all to be SO sure that one day we can say we were right.

But, I know that's just hate's way of trying to come out victorious.

So tomorrow, when the sun inevitably rises, I think maybe we could all choose one way to go out of our way to be kind, so that we can stick it to hate just a little.

Whether you can only muster it in GIF form, or a smize in the eyes masked on your way through the grocery store, let's all just try to replace a little bit of that anger, a little bit of that assuredness that we are right and they are not, with just a morsel of unexpected kindness.

I dunno. Maybe it'll do nothing.

But what I do know tonight, is that hate is winning, and I've never liked to lose.

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