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Spillin’ Tea

I’m ready to spill some tea.

Wannabe Instagram influencers are starting to grate on my soul.

Disclaimer- there’s plenty of people that have piles of followers because they are genuine, have interesting things to say and I would never hate on their grind. They’re savvy and organically influencing trends because that’s who they are.

But: if you’re trying to sell me a lifestyle based on a cosmetic change, pounds dropped conveniently mixed with some easy ways for me to give you my money; you’re a fraud. And I’m tired of it.

Listen. I’ve been fatter. I’ve been skinnier. I’ve felt healthier and I’ve felt worse. What I’ve never felt is good looking at Instagram photos of before and afters taken days or weeks post-partum juxtaposed with the brand new you, smiling and so much happier because your baby belly is gone.

It’s gross.

You’re targeting me so I’ll feel badly about myself and buy your product. And for the most part I’m not some random girl on the internet- you’re preying on people you know.

Maybe you don’t know better. Maybe you don’t know how you’re adversely affecting other girl’s confidence toting promises of an old, sad, depressed self turned around with shakes an an all-access online pass. But the problem is that I think a lot of you do, and you continue to sell your “nutrition” or your workouts based on the currency of shame.

I love feeling strong. I love food that nourishes me and makes me feel healthy. I also love and trust people that have studied nutrition, and spent time training a variety of body shapes and fitness levels. They understand the science and have the ability to identify goals and safely, confidently, and properly get to whatever goals you’ve laid out for yourself. They are not going to tell you life is better when you look different.

Here’s the way I see it- an average girl making her way through an online world that spams her with ‘before and after’s and false promises for a road to confidence through appearance alone.

When my tooth hurts, when I’m in pain and struggling to tough it out I DO NOT throw on a white strip on and think the color of my teeth will affect my health or change the hurt underneath.

We’re too complicated and too complex to fall for the same paradigm when it comes to our bodies.

It’s time for the Kardashian-fueled pendulum to swing back. On the other side of fraudulently concealed confidence, please let a whole bunch of us girls catch the damn swingy thing and make it stop. And for the love of everything that feeds our souls, stop trying to sell us things you couldn’t possibly deliver on. But do continue to sell us clever t-shirts and Tupperware because that shit never wears out.

Lots and lots of love to all the women trying to love themselves in a world that continues to point out what’s wrong,

Brittany 💕

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