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Dear America

Dear America,

We didn’t ever think it would get to this, but you’ve left us no choice.

America, your behaviour has affected us in the following ways:

The entirety of the rest of the world is now being advised about travel there because of rampant, deadly gun violence. Other countries have issued advisories to their own citizens visiting you as incidences of racist-fueled violence have increased.

China has officially warned travelers about the possibility of mass shootings. Canada has also noted on their travel page about the elevated risk of mass shootings.

America, all the other countries are talking about the mess you’ve got going on.

But our Canadian government didn’t even need to say anything officially, because we are all sitting here hoping this is some sort of incredible advertising campaign for the Handmaid’s Tale.

But, we know it’s not.

As your president continues to refuse denouncing hatred, as babies, grade-schoolers and their families keep dying at schools, festivals and Walmarts, as children in your states are going home to empty houses and missing parents taken by your government, as kids sit on see-saws separated by Concentration Camp-style fencing, there’s no message that needs to be sent from the Canadian government to its people BECAUSE WE ARE WATCHING.

We are watching and we’re getting angrier at what was once our good friend, our drinking buddy, our big cousin we always thought was so cool, so forward-thinking and incredibly dynamic, is now hanging out at rock bottom intent on listening to the influence of people that are hell-bent on destroying them.

This is an intervention America.

We love you but we don’t like you right now.

Get. Your. Shit. Together.

We’ll happily share our poutine, our marriage laws and beer recipe when you decide to turn away from hate and fear and towards love and hope.



*for those fighting from the inside please tell us what we can do up here to help you. ❤️

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