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I’ve always been proud to be from Saskatchewan. Our province is built on the backs of people who wouldn’t give up. Our loyalty and tenacity is unmatched. We will support a losing team year after year, sighing as we remind those around us that there is always next year. Our faith is formidable and perseverance steadfast. Come drought, flood, or tragedy. And after watching how the Humboldt Broncos organization, the community, and the families navigated their way through that day on year ago today, I’ve never been more proud to be from Saskatchewan. I knew that intersection. I knew the types of boys, coaches and staff that would be on that bus. I knew the RCMP members that would be responding to the call. I was once the girlfriend on the other end of the call after a game away, now I am the mom who watches her son get his suit on, drag a tea towel across his dress shoes as I shriek and he laughs, as he says goodbye on his way to catch the bus to his game. I was every other Canadian that wept as we set our sticks out, watched the memorials, donated money, blood, and held our breath and sent our prayers for the boys that survived. A year doesn’t seem that long, but for 12 months we’ve kept the 16 lives lost in our hearts and minds as their families moved forward the best they could. In 12 months we’ve learned that Canadians will rally together and break records for giving, for picking one another up and we’ve learned that Canadians have an incredible threshold to forgive- following the lead of the grieving families. I’ve watched one of the best families I know handle their loss with grace and an unmatched fortitude staying true to their faith. So as the calendar marks one year, I hope the unwavering support and love from all corners of Canada and beyond is felt even more today. I also hope you know that anyone who has ever called Saskatchewan home is so very proud to have heard #humboldtstrong far and wide because you have truly shown what hope, faith, and courage really mean. As always, #humboldtstrong 

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