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Hockey Mom Advice

Hockey parenting 101 Because hockey education sometimes misses a few people. I’ve been so lucky to have been mentored by beauties. The following is what I know to be true. Timbits: Settle down. I promise the proficiency here is a developmental game. They’re babies. Cheer and encourage and give zero shits about who scores. Novice: The craziest parents live here. The first separation of kids. Word to the wise: it’s fleeting. The best kids here may not matter come Peewee. Make sure they want it, because it’s about to amp up. Atom: The pressure is on. The kids are almost at elite level and the parents know it. The phenoms from years past are fading. New kids are coming to the forefront. Competition between parents is at an all-time high. You may be lucky enough to have a seasoned hockey mom who will tell you it doesn’t matter until they have hair on their balls. She is spewing facts. Peewee elite- they’re here. You can see leaders and competitors that have arisen from places you hadn’t noticed. Of all the kids you played high level novice with- there’s only two still at this level. And not the two you would have guessed at the time. They are amazing athletes who still love the game. Don’t tarnish this. Bantam elite- Your son. The captain of his year, destined to follow the trajectory of AAA if he stays on course and works hard. Well, until one night he looks at you and says “but I want to play football instead” and no matter what team he’s made, and how good of a player he is and has potential to be, you know his heart is somewhere else. And you follow where he leads. Hockey parents calm down. You could have the worst, the middle, or the best and you can’t manufacture motivation. Make sure they love it, and they love you afterwards. My biggest piece of advice having an “elite” hockey player, is to follow their lead. This game is beautiful, and teaches them so much. Don’t get wrapped up in tiers and talent. Because at the end of the day, your kid might realize their passion is their property. And it’s not hockey But, sweet baby Jesus I’ll be there to cheer him on. As I learn the rules of football. #hockeymom #footballmom #justamom #hesgreat 

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