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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I spent the day in sweats, eating the last of my “don’t eat that in 2019” food, and watching college football. Coincidentally, as I was making short work of a cheese ball and hot wings, my oldest was taking his seat in Pasadena, about to take in the amazing opportunity to attend the 105th Rose Bowl. At 12, as a kid who lives and breathes football, I don’t think we’ll ever get the stars out of his eyes after today. Seeing American football at its heart... the college bowl games, the marching bands, the fireworks and jet flyovers, this Canadian kid is sky high with dreams and possibility of who he wants to become. As I read other people’s resolutions, mantras, and promises to themselves for 2019, I couldn’t help but smile as I realized my son taught me more in the first day of 2019 than any googling, Pintresting, or Instagram hole ever could. Go and experience the things you want to be. Be next to glory, stand with your heroes and soak it all in, with a shit-eating grin as you marvel at everything around you. Acknowledge what it took, and promise yourself you have that same possibility to see your dreams come true some day. Dreams that are organic, fluid and ever-changing, but dreams all the same. Believe in yourself and your capacity to stand shoulder to shoulder with your heroes some day, even if the confidence is fleeting and it’s hard to see past barriers and frustrations, because it’s the same for all of us. Whether you’re a 35 year old writer waiting on a publishing deal, or a 12 year old with dreams of playing under the bright lights of college- just sit with your dreams for a moment. Because, person to person they’re totally different but also, exactly the same. Seek out who you want to be, watch carefully, and then freaking crush it. Happy New Year! I wish you the approval to be starry-eyed guilt-free as often as you can be in 2019. Let yourself have dreams of grandeur if only for a moment. #rosebowl2019 #footballmom #writer #dreamer 

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