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What Mothers Could Do

Who am I to ask anything of the world?

I am a straight white girl, raised in middle-class, safe Canada.

I have never been persecuted for my gender, or my religion, or my colour, or who I have chosen to love.

But as a mother of the world, on behalf of the rest of the women who are mothers in this world, I DO get to ask something.

Can you all just stop acting crazy?

With the bombing and the hate and the wars started by people seeking vengeance, or vindication, (depending on which side you lay), that are killing OUR children?

We are trying to raise little people to be generous, kind, open-minded citizens of the world, but we worry when we look around at the current state of the world.

And we know, it’s not easy.

There are generations of hate, and war, and ignorance, to contend with.

But we can’t help but think in our quietest moments, what this world would be like if mothers called the shots.

Not mothers who are women playing the role of ‘woman’ on the world stage dominated and produced by men.

But an actual world in which the leaders and the shot-callers got to worry about things that mothers worry about.

Like, has everyone eaten today? Is everyone safe? Did we leave everything in order and ready for the kids to take care of it by themselves when we can no longer be there?

No, there is no time for decades of violence, fighting, and disputes, not when there are other more important things to worry about.

A place where disputes are handled with thought, and compassion, and equality.

I mean, us mothers can stand in a room full of 10 toddlers with only 5 popsicles and manage to make it work. We can settle 8 children into beds that have room enough for only 4.

With intelligence and thoughtfulness and an astounding ability to make sure everyone gets what they need. And that all the children feel like it’s been fair and just.

So, yes. I am going to ask one big, huge question to the world.

Start acting like mothers. The beautiful images were taken from: Where Ken Heyman's images are showcased after years of being lost.

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