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About Brittany


Brittany is a blogger and a writer who has built a following on making no qualms about who she is. Average.  A millennial raised to believe she could achieve anything she wanted, she’s found herself knocked-up and washed-up, asking the same questions she had since she was a preteen.  Who am I? What do I want to be when I grow up? Am I enough? Was *Nsync really the better boyband?


Married, with three children, anxiety and with a book on the way, Brittany will make you laugh as she explores her journey to survive average, and the decision to embrace average as a choice, and not just a consolation prize.

Surviving Average- The Podcast


Surviving Average - The Podcast is HERE!! Join us every episode where we make your crazy feel normal and your normal feel right. Where we empower and uplift women and celebrate our differences, our challenges and our victories - all while running our households, leading our packs and raising our children.


Join Brittany and Jenna as we provide a #ladiesnightin that is just like grabbing your favorite girlfriend, a bottle of wine and a patio in the warm sunshine and just enjoying feeling connected.

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